Karimunjawa – Background

Well, first of all, I was not looking for fancy holiday. I just wanted to relax. Enjoy God’s creation of nature. And i want to go to the beach. And where can I get an affordable great nature holiday except here in Indonesia? So I was googling and was amazed by the pictures of Karimunjawa. I said to myself, “Well yeah, definitely going there!”. (Bali is a bit too much for me, googled for Wakatobi and Raja Ampat too but they were like too ‘expensive’ – not just due to the money but the annual leave I could afford)

I took a risk by asking 2 of my office mates to go with me. They were a bit noisy and stubborn in some way and ‘ribet'(Indonesian slang). — Yes you are, girls — . I think I’m the coolest girl among them. Haha.

Saw the pictures, they were as thrill as I was. They didn’t take too much time thinking. So Karimunjawa, here we come!

Here comes the stories! Enjoy! Will write in Bahasa, so prepare your google translate.

PS: i will write the story one by one while preparing my thesis, doing my job, and attending classes. So be patient. *wink wink*

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