Me and Plagiarism

For the first time in my life, I’ve been accused for plagiarism because of a software. Let’s check what plagiarism means in wikipedia, the one and only best friend in finding definition.

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as “the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author’s anguage, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” —

Let me make it clear, I’ve never mention/say that the quotes are by me. Or my friend Rian. We put our source in every quote we use. Such as according to… or from….

Just because we didn’t quote it rightly, they accused us doing plagiarism. There r differences in wrong writings n plagiarism, Madam.

And so here I am. Going back to the office holding my thesis warning letter.

And btw, they didn’t even give us a thesis writing class. O I’m so pissed. And so gonna make them pay for this, by showing them that I have the ability to write right. But madam, mister, n miss from Binus Business School, I’m so through with u n Binus. U grade yourself just as the same as the software capabilty. Fix your curriculum, operation, and plagiarism checking. We pay u a lot for those things!

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2 Responses to Me and Plagiarism

  1. hendry heryanto says:

    is this irene yohana theodora?? tidak disangka rupanya punya blog! hehehe.. soal tuduhan plagiat, i aggree with u sometimes we can wrong writings or forget to write a footnote..but thats not plagiarism..akhir kata..sabar ya bu..orang sabar disayang Tuhan..hehehe

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